Kensaku Seki, 2:16.22, 2019
© Kensaku Seki
Kensaku Seki, 2:16.22, 2019
© Kensaku Seki
Kensaku Seki, 2:16.22, 2019
© Kensaku Seki

“A record time is the athlete’s calling card. Numbers are dry blips, totally separate from the grand tales of sweat and strain behind the scenes.
This exhibition looks at five athletes who stake their lives on the act of running and the on-going fight to set records. As a former track and field athlete who used to challenge records himself, this project is an effort to untangle fine strands of memory caught up in numbers.” — Kensaku Seki
Having graduated in athletics and taught physical education for three years, Seki decided to take a hard look at his life in sport. The title of this work refers to the 2-hours 16-minutes 22-second record of 1964 Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist Kōkichi Tsuburaya, who took his own life only a few years after his triumph. It is an attempt to visualize the struggle, isolation, and the emotional toll athletes face in their attempts to set records.

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