Tattoos(GOKAB), 2018 © Kensaku Seki
Choklay(GOKAB), 2018 © Kensaku Seki
Wandering around(GOKAB), 2018 © Kensaku Seki

Kensaku Seki (b. 1983) took up photography after working for three years as a lower secondary school teacher in Bhutan. Here he presents the new face of Bhutan’s young people and their hip-hop scene, which has emerged amidst soaring unemployment and uncertainty about the future. Although constrained by conservative Buddhist tradition, these hip-hop kids find a glimmer of hope through their music: “We’ve got talent and passion, but no chance to show it. We just want a chance”. Gokab is the Bhutanese word for “chance”. Seki’s evocative portraits of their inner struggles and discontent are shown framed in his subjects’ own graffiti.

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  • Talk Session (Language: Japanese)
  • Kensaku Seki × Natsuki Yasuda (photo journalist)
  • Oct 28 Sun. 16:30-17:30
  • Events require booking from following application.
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